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RSPS, what is it?

A RuneScape private server, also named RSPS, is a clone of the original RuneScape MMORPG. The original game requires you to spend countless months or years to achieve certain goals, and eventually requires you to pay for more features. A RSPS however, is not owned by Jagex. The manager of a RSPS can customise the game to their own wishes and have others play the RSPS without any form of restrictions.

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Why should you play on a RSPS?

There are countless of reasons why people have decided to move from RuneScape to RuneScape private servers. The most common reasons are bad or the lack of updates in the real RuneScape game. But there are a lot more interesting reasons!

Faster XP

Stop spending years of work into your RuneScape account. A RSPS allows you to level up much, much faster and sometimes even higher.

Personal service

RuneScape private servers are owned by individuals. If you have any question or report, you can directly contact the owner.

Daily updates

Where RuneScape is updates once a week or once a month, a RSPS is sometimes updated once per day for more cool and new features.

Unique features

A RSPS is not just a clone of the real RuneScape. In fact, it usually has new unique content that not even real RuneScape has.

The first RuneScape private server was released to learn more about the RuneScape protocol. Nowadays however, a RSPS is more fun than real RuneScape.

- Veteran player

What is RuneLocus?

RuneLocus was the first online list of RuneScape private servers since 2007. Next to that, RuneLocus also has a free community forum helping you to create your own RSPS.


The major RSPS list is ordered by votes. A high-ranked server is usually more popular and better than a low-ranked RSPS.

ID Lists

Each item, NPC and object has an unique number. As server manager, you should know them. RuneLocus has a major free ID list.

Featured servers

RuneLocus is the only fair server list online. They strive to show as much quality serveras as possible, also as special featured servers.


Are you looking to chat with other players or server owners? The RuneLocus forum is the right place for you to start the chat!

Start playing on a RSPS

Are you convinced yet? RuneScape private servers are completely free to play, so what are you waiting for? Go to RuneLocus and start your RSPS journey!

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